Lake Meadows Park in Billericay and Northlands in Basildon have recently witnessed a remarkable transformation with the introduction of the new Proludic play and activity equipment installations. These innovative additions have breathed new life into these already cherished community spaces, enriching the leisure experiences for residents and visitors alike.

In Lake Meadows Park, the Proludic play equipment installations have become a beacon of recreational diversity and inclusion. The Proludic installations seamlessly blend into the park’s natural surroundings, ensuring that the tranquil ambience is preserved while fostering a sense of togetherness and wellbeing.

Similarly, Northlands in Basildon has also embraced the Proludic revolution, enhancing the local community’s access to recreational opportunities. The new installations here cater to both toddlers, juniors and teens, creating an inclusive environment for families to bond, friends to socialise and individuals to pursue their fitness goals in the activity and sports space.

These Proludic installations at Lake Meadows Park and Northlands underscore the commitment of Basildon Council to enrich the lives of their residents by providing accessible, innovative, and engaging recreational spaces. Whether you seek a peaceful retreat amidst nature or an energetic workout session, both these installations promise a vibrant and fulfilling experience for all ages and abilities.