Basildon Council tendered for the refurbishment of one of their stunning play area sites – Lake Meadows Play Area. The design of the playground aimed to incorporate a well-known story about a Wizard and Dragon that lived on Lake Meadows created by the local Friends of Group. The equipment and design brought this magical story to life within the area bringing imagination and creativity to the area.

The rejuvenated space now offers a fully flush accessible safety surfacing allowing all users to access all equipment. We’ve also added lots of new playground equipment, featuring a bespoke twin castle multiplay unit standing at 4 meters tall, an inclusive seesaw (J987B) and an ACTI’Ninja aerial crossing with Sky Rail (J5913A) to name a few! Make your way across the playground while learning about ‘The Wizard, the Dragon and the Lost Eggs’ – the question is can you find all of the eggs?

Throughout the play area, children will notice bespoke wizard-themed sensory boards and fun panels, a height chart themed as a dragon, and an opportunity to interact and read the story on your way in. Proludic ensured all ages and abilities were catered for by ensuring its equipment choices were accessible and were unique such as an inclusive ground trampoline and our unique wheelchair accessible seesaw.