Article published on 10 August 2021

Since our beginnings 30 years ago, our intention has always been to provide our customers with the highest quality of products.

Our materials palette is specifically selected to offer long-lasting, durable equipment with stylish designs across all our ranges. Our equipment ranges are suited to developing unique play and sports areas appropriate for the environment whilst also being sympathetic to the project story. Below we have outlined the playground equipment materials which are widely used in our products. 




Steel is a material that is commonly used because it stands up to heavy loads and high-stress levels. Our metal posts are made of galvanised steel that is 2.5mm thick. This meets all the requirements concerning the durability and safety of structures used in playground equipment.




The posts provide a guarantee of longevity covering widely varying climatic conditions thanks to:


• The steel galvanisation process, which is one of the most efficient ways of avoiding corrosion as a protective coating of zinc is applied.

• Application on the steel of a polyester powder that stands up well to UV radiation and temperature variations.


Galvanised steel and painted galvanised steel posts are easy to maintain and are highly resistant to the most aggressive chemicals.




The painting process using powdered polyester protects the material from air and water while retaining its decorative qualities.


Did you know?


Unlike Proludic, many companies in the sector don’t zinc dip galvanise posts as standard.


Many competitors’ warranties on painted steel only last as long as the warranty covering the paintwork (which is generally 5 years). Once the metal has been exposed, it will corrode, obliging clients to repaint surfaces to qualify for the ‘20+ year’ warranty cover. Proludic offers a 25-year steel warranty which incorporates painted steel as standard.




Stainless steel is a material with high mechanical strength. Our stainless-steel tubes are 40mm in diameter.




Stainless steel tubes stand up well to graffiti, bad weather and urban pollution; they require very little maintenance, and they are also resistant to even the most aggressive solvents.





Stainless steel tubes blend in well with all types of materials. They do not deteriorate and are enhanced by children’s play and use, ensuring the structures still look good after long periods. Our stainless-steel panels are 1.5mm thick and they are surfaced on one side to provide efficient protection from scratching. 


Did you know?


We are proud to use 316-grade stainless steel making sure it looks as good as new for years to come. Stainless steel 316 contains the addition of molybdenum that gives it improved corrosion resistance.




Our compact (HPL – High-Pressure Laminate) composite panels are 13mm thick, and they are made up of softwood fibre (70%) and phenolic binder (30%). They show high levels of dimensional stability over long periods. The material is unaffected by exposure to major temperatures, guaranteeing the durability and solidity of the assembled elements.




It is a versatile material that is not affected by contact with dampness or abrasion. The coloured surfaces are produced using pigmented resins that provide good levels of resistance to ultraviolet radiation and aggressive cleaning products.




The material is easy to mould and can be used to make a wide variety of shapes.


Did you know?


Why do we use HPL? It is because of its superior strength and longevity over its counterpart HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). HDPE is much more prone to fire damage, prolonged burn and loses its colour at a fast rate than HPL. 


We sell all over the world and as a result we understand the importance of material properties across a wide range of climatic conditions.


Our ropes are made of galvanised steel cable covered with polyester treated to stand up to ultraviolet radiation. The cables are made with metal wires arranged in strands, which enables them to stand up very well to heavy loads and remain flexible while resisting distortion. The galvanisation treatment on the steel protects it from corrosion. Polyester is a strong material that makes the ropes easy to hold and protects users from extremes in temperature that steel can experience in the outdoors.


Did you know? 


Many playground equipment suppliers offer climbing nets that must be completely replaced as soon as one section fails. Proludic differs by allowing for the simple replacement of individual sections.

Coastal Guarantees

As our play equipment is located worldwide it has to stand up to considerable climatic variations depending on the region it’s installed in. The choice of high-quality materials and full control of the manufacturing process from machining to painting are essential elements in ensuring the long-term durability of our products in these differing environments. 


Did you know?


Many companies significantly reduce or even remove their guarantees for sites in coastal settings. Our commitment to quality materials ensures we stand by our guarantees wherever our equipment is installed.

As you can appreciate, a lot of careful consideration goes into selecting the materials used in our product ranges. The careful choice of materials and the supply chain we use is vital for consistently delivering a quality product to our clients and the all-important end-users time and time again. This focus on quality is something Proludic has stood for since we started and it’s part of our core values into the foreseeable future! To find out more about the materials we use and why then please contact us here. To read about our extensive guarantees please click here.


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