Article published on 24 March 2016

Our curved wooden posts are very innovative within the play industry and are created by glueing layers of solid wood together.

The timber is free of defects (knots or splits) because they are identified and removed during the cutting work on the laminated strips.

The finishing ensures that the posts are free of splinters which eliminates the risk of injury and is pleasant to touch. The posts are resistant to dampness and pollution which reduces the maintenance costs of the structures and ensures their durability.

The impact on the environment is controlled thanks to:

  • Use of timber from sustainable and managed forests as set out in the PEFC guidelines.
  • Guaranteed 100% recycling.
  • Use of timber treatment products with low concentration levels.

Here are some of our products that feature curved wooden posts:

Kanopé Range

Cableways (J510, J511, J513)

Swings (J440)

Keo (J2750)

Vitality (J3700, J3703, J3710)


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