In 2021, Theale Parish Council embarked on a journey to upgrade its outdoor play facilities on the recreation ground. The Council decided to replace the existing playground and provide more facilities for older children, teenagers and adults while reducing anti-social behaviour and combatting obesity in the process. Proludic was selected not only to produce designs for these two exciting projects but also to oversee a consultation process that would give residents the power to shape the final designs.

The final design for the toddler and junior play area featured a new coloured wetpour safer surfacing and also included accessible swings (J493), age-appropriate Kanope & Diabolo multiplay units (J5610 & J38124), trampoline squares (R34-ETP-000A), a rodeo board (J3501) and an inclusive roundabout (J2409). Additional items for the toddlers were a fun playhouse (J234) and a seesaw springer (J852). Outside the fenced-off play area, a 4-seat hurricane swing (R24-ITY-724) was located to appeal to older children (aged 5 plus).