We have created the reference J2592 in our "Rotating equipment" range. This module is accessible from 6 years. It can accommodate up to 1 user.

The size of the module is: 0.40 m wide, 0.40 m. deep, 0.35 m. high. The free fall height (FFH) is 0.50 m.

1 play function

Balancing x1
Balancing involves learning to manage empty space in activities at height, hanging or on narrow surfaces.


Age range: 6+
Number of users: 1 user
FFH : 0.50 m
Size: 0.40 x 0.40 x 0.35 m

Equipment installation

Number of installers: 2
Installation time: 01:45:00
Concrete volume: 0.10 m3
Surface: 10.00 m2
Total weight: 26.17 kg
Weight of the heaviest element: 22.85 kg


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- JXXXX TÜV certification
- JXXXX* Proludic Certification
Side view
Side view
View from above
View from above